Turning Capability

Turning Capability

  • O.D. Ø0.3mm~120mm (0.12” ~ 4.75”)
  • Precision ± 5um
  • Online de-burr

Nan Dee is one of leading manufacturers among CNC turning industries. Our chief focus supply is onto micro- sized as well as high precision requirement turned parts. Undertake connector parts size is from Ø0.3mm to Ø120mm, tolerance control within± 5um. In order to service with high efficiency business. Our machines are all accompanied with online de-burr arrangement.

Finish Treatment

  • Anodize / Passivate / Plating / Sand Blasting

  • Heat Treatment 

  • Vibration / Magnetic Grinding

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner


To develop more business and build more cooperation with our valued customer. Nan Dee manages a reliable supply chain for surface treatment. These suppliers have work with us for many years, and are strictly qualified in terms of quality and service attitude. 

Turning Capability
Turning Capability

Machine Type

  • Total capability: 160⁺⁺ CNC machines



Nan Dee is finely equipped with 4 axis Swiss type turning machines imported from Japan. The Japanese machines possess high quality that is ensuring production line runs stable, and the yielding defined parts. All Nan Dee production parts is rewarded with quality control from the first step. We have total around 160 machines in our facility. The annual production is more than 1 billion pieces.