Depending on the core technology, and untiring efforts of all members in Nan Dee. The Government subsidy has granted and pumped up the company Nan Dee Precision performs stand out from the manys.

Disruption isn’t new but the pace of change is accelerating. New competitive threats, rapidly advancing technology, the impact of the pandemic, and an increased awareness of sustainability are pushing company Nan Dee Precision to transform to stay competitive, to grow, and to surpass.

While Nan Dee stands strong among global supply chain over various applications such as Semi-conductor manufacturing, National Defense, Aerospace, Telecom and Medical industries. Marketing performance can be seen in Euro area, America and Asian countries. In the meantime, Nan Dee's strategy to collaborate with customers, the speed of New Product Indroduction has been fully developed in place.

Aiming to serve even better, and collab with first line international customers. The second factory site is expanded at the back of the first one to further elevate the service Nan Dee provides. Smart alerting/ sensor system and digitalized information system would be fully applied as well. Follow by such exciting expansion, Nan Dee Precision generates 58 employment openings to gradually flourish nearby region's development as sustainability is always about giving back good deeds to improve society.


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